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Adopt a child

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Adopt a child by assisting with school fees, fees for clothes, birthday gifts, and personal hygiene or for the overhead costs (like salaries, electricity, water, rates and taxes, etc.). By adopting a child, we will always keep you updated with pictures. We would love it if you want to visit us.


Funding For A New Home For Our Children

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Since 1994 Bubbles served children at risk in the area. She first served street children at Door of Hope in the Strand and during 2000 Bubbles received her first foster child. There are 10 children in the home currently of which 2 are adopted. Some of the children are in the home are there for 16 years. Most of the children were placed in her care as babies.  The children are in need of a new home because of the property that are being sold. To accommodate all the children we will need at least a 6 bedroom home for the 10 children. The current price for such a home is R3.5 mil. (255 000; $278 000; £198 000).

Please assist us with our fundraising efforts for a new home by adopting a child with a monthly donation towards the care of the child’s needs during the month.

R500 or 50 or $50 or £50

If you would like to donate just click on the donate button. If you have any questions or would like to contact us feel free to call us at any time!

We are thankful for every little help that we can get.



New Beginnings

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Circle of Unity is a name chosen by the children.  They feel that the home is a circle of unity for them, a place where they feel safe and are able to broaden their own horizons.

We are looking into a positive future and home for our children.

Please support us with this fundraiser?

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